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Cistus Essential Oil



Thousands of years ago, shepherds discovered the gum of a certain plant helped heal wounds on their sheep’s skin. This plant was the Cistus plant. Today, cistus essential oil is used alone or with other essential oils for medicinal, cosmetic and spiritual uses.

Cistus Essential Oil Healing Properties

Cistus essential oil is light amber oil, with a fruity fragrance and undertones of honey. The wound healing qualities the shepherds uncovered is one of the biggest benefits of this essential oil. It is often used to stop bleeding and has been documented as an aid in treating blood clots, gangrene, and menstrual conditions .

The antiseptic properties of cistus essential oil allow it to kill germs as the wound heals.  Cistus essential oil also offers support to the immune system, helping reduce sickness and increase recovery.

This essential oil stimulates all five senses and helps quiet the nervous system. The calming scent of cistus essential oil aids those who have trouble sleeping.

Cosmetic Uses of Cistus Essential Oil

Cistus essential oil has astringent properties that are used in cosmetics. These properties help tighten the skin, giving it a younger and fresher appearance. Its toning properties make cistus essential oil an important component in anti-aging creams and products.

When used in the bath, cistus essential oil acts as a skin treatment to relax tight muscles and sooth dry skin.

The Spiritual Side of Cistus Essential Oil

Cistus essential oil has been used during meditation for centuries. For those who practice energy healing, this oil is believed to open the third chakra, located at the solar plexus, providing energy for those who have exhausted themselves. When a drop of cistus essential oil is dabbed on the forehead, the third eye is opened to oxygenate the brain and increase mental well-being. The softness of the oil and its relaxing scent help still both the mind and body.

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