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White Spruce Essential Oil


Nothing fills the air with the fragrance of Christmas and the coziness of winter like the scent of spruce. This majestic evergreen, with its small brown cones, grows up to 1,200 feet and is cherished for its needles, which when steam distilled release a warm and comforting cologne. The spruce comes in many varieties; but, for a balsamic scent, with fruity and sweet undertones, the best variety is the White Spruce.  White Spruce essential oil is thin, colorless oil, with a medium middle note, that lingers, but is not overpowering. It is a scent that is familiar and grounding and has many medicinal, cosmetic and aromatherapy uses.

White Spruce Essential Oil – Health Benefits

The scent of white spruce essential oil has a clarifying and stimulating effect, which, when inhaled, can strengthen the respiratory system. It is often used to treat bronchitis, asthma, and congestion due to colds or the flu since it can unclog sinuses and loosen mucus to make breathing easier. The scent of White Spruce essential oil works with the body’s endocrine and nervous system in releasing neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, noradrenalin and vasopressin to revive energy that may have been zapped due to illness or stress. White Spruce essential oil is also effective massage oil and can help ease the pain of aching muscles as well as promote blood circulation.

Cosmetic Uses of White Spruce Essential Oil

White Spruce essential oil also contains disinfecting and antiseptic properties that make it a valuable ingredient in products for the skin and hair. Products, such as shampoo or those that treat acne are enhanced by the purifying and clarifying benefits of White Spruce essential oil.

White Spruce Essential Oil in Aromatherapy

White Spruce essential oil conjures up the fresh herbaceous scent of a winter forest and it is these uplifting aromatic notes that make this essential oil ideal for mental and spiritual applications. Used in diffusers, sprays and bath salts, White Spruce essential oil promotes strength and provides energizing and motivational feelings. Just as the tree from which the perfumed needles come, the scent of White Spruce essential oil offers a dependability and steadfastness that is much needed during stressful events or when feeling deflated.

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