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A Healthier Alternative to Burning Sage

Sage Smudge Mist

A Healthier Alternative to Burning Sage

Sage Smudging is a space clearing method passed down from Native Americans and other cultures as a way to cleanse a space of negative or stagnant energy. Sage smudging is traditionally done by lighting the end of a sage bundle and wafting it around the space. The burning sage produces a strong residue and odor and is not always appropriate for indoor spaces. Using a Sage Smudge Mist eliminates the problems of burning sage.

An energy clearing room spray can help clear unwanted or negative energy that’s disruptive to our wellbeing.
Sage Smudge Mist effectively clears the energy without the smoke and pungent smell.

Getting Started with a Sage Smudge Mist

To begin, open the windows and doors to allow the energy to escape, if you are clearing a room. Set your intention focusing on clearing out the unwanted energy that no longer serves you and allowing clear positive energy to flow. Walk around the space you are clearing while simultaneously chanting out loud, or in your mind, your intention. Let your intuition be your guide, there is no right or wrong. Spray the room, the corners, the closets, behind the doors and any objects you feel need cleansing.

Sage Smudge Mist is effective in clearing energy from your body as well as objective. Set your intention and spray your body starting from above your head, spraying onto your skin and downward towards the earth. The natural ingredients and essential oils make the this mist a wonderful earthy scented body spray that is also very effective to use to assist you in focusing on the task at hand.

Spray some in the palms of your hands and breathe in the Sage scent for focusing and grounding. If you are cleansing a crystal, spray a little on a soft cloth, set the intention and wipe the stone. Sage Smudge Mist can be used anywhere you feel unwanted energy needs to be cleared.

Use this mist:

Use it in the car; keep a bottle with you at work, spray before and after any kind of aromatherapy  work (including a massage) and when you travel. The proprietary blend of essential oils assists in eliminating the smell of smoke from cigarettes. The purpose of smudging is to restore balance.


Sage Smudge Mist

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