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What is Sage Smudge Spray?

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt negative energy? Or how about the feeling that overcomes you after having a terrible day at work. Or a fight with a loved one? A tradition starting with Native Americans, there has been a strong belief in the power of burning sage (also known as smudging) to get rid of pessimistic or unfavorable energy in a space. The burning of these herbs is thought to rid unfavorable forces in a room and heighten the energy of the area. 

Smudging is a highly effective practice for purification, energizing or blessing of people, places and things.

Due to the increased popularity and power behind burning sage, many people are finding unwanted effects from the physical smoke and wanting to find a healthier alternative to burning sage.

Sage Smudge Spray

This is why we have created an Essential Oil Sage Smudge Mist as a convenient alternative. With just a few sprays you have the ability to uplift and bring positive energy back into your space. Our smudge sprays combine a fine blend of Sage, Cedar Wood, and other essential oils. Its unique earthy aroma is just as powerful, cleansing and delightful as that of herb bundles, but with the practical feature that you can simply spray it around yourself, around someone else, in your car, or in your office to clear unwanted energy.

Sage Smudge Spray is also very convenient for those who travel often and are unable to burn sage in hotel rooms or different public places they are traveling to. Others appreciate the practicality of the spray versus burning herbs, especially around kids, to protect them from inhaling smoke.

Other Benefits and Uses

Many believe Sage Smudge Spray can clear the environment of negative energies. The spray also has purifying elements to clear bacteria and other air impurities from a room. 

Another useful advantage of using sage smudge spray is cleaning gemstones. Simply spray the Sage Smudge Spray on a cloth to clean your gemstones. Then set the intention to clear the energy ensuring they are always irradiating positive energy.

Whatever beliefs you have, we all come in contact with people. It is inevitable that you will come in contact with negative energy one way or another. Our sage smudge sprays are perfect to keep in your kitchen, car, purse, or nightstand to quickly rid any negative energy!

Please comment below with any questions you have or how effective you have found Sage Smudge Spray to be in your life.

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