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About Us


Your energy is what keeps you going. It’s the flow that you bring into everything that you do, from watching the sunrise to taking a walk, doing a great job at work, showing your love for the most important people in your life, or exploring that new restaurant that just opened.

Taking good care of yourself includes balancing and clearing your energy essential to whole body health (body, mind & spirit). Being originally from New York, and now living and creating in Las Vegas, I really can appreciate how cultivating our energy is a make or break.

That’s what led me to combine my entrepreneurial and creative spirit with my need and drive to take good care of the precious energy that keeps me going.

So I started Ja’Mi Products, a collection of top-quality aromatherapy products, as well as specially crafted gemstone jewelry, all carefully conceived to feed, raise and keep your vibration constantly empowered – from your skin to your spirit.

Ja’Mi Products are based on a careful study and use of essential oils and, the principles of aromatherapy and the energetic effects of gemstones to offer you a whole wellness experience.

All the products are natural and made with the finest ingredients, possessing soothing medicinal, emotional and spiritual properties. Being based on a culture of love and harmony, none of our products are tested on animals.

All in all, Ja’Mi Products are a labor of science, natural healing traditions, Reiki and a lot of love for keeping your mind, body and spirit in harmony.

This is my offer to you and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Be well,

Robin Gil,
Owner and Creator of Ja’Mi Products LLC

EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: 702-985-8848

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