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The energy that makes a pendulum swing comes from within you: your Subconscious Mind, your Higher Self, the intuitive part of our Spirit.
Thought directs the subconscious as to the direction in which the pendulum is to move. The subconscious uses the brain to send signals along the neurological pathways that control the muscle “twitches” that move the pendulum in the desired direction. When Spirit is communicating through the response of the Pendulum it is the subconscious part of our mind that is moving the Pendulum, not Spirit. (Ego is getting out of the way)
Hold the Pendulum over the palm of your hand till it is still. Ask it to show you a yes, remember the direction it swings. Each Pendulum can have a different direction for yes or no so ask each time before you use your Pendulum.
Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind then ask a yes or no answer and see which way the Pendulum moves. Always thank your Pendulum after.

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