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  Aromatherapy is known for its soothing therapeutic effects – but you can actually use these miracle products to ease symptoms related to a number of health conditions. Using essential oils can help reduce your dependency on pharmaceutical treatments, lessening the likelihood that you’ll suffer unpleasant side effects or develop an addiction. Different oils and […]

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A Healthier Alternative to Burning Sage

Sage Smudge Mist A Healthier Alternative to Burning Sage Sage Smudging is a space clearing method passed down from Native Americans and other cultures as a way to cleanse a space of negative or stagnant energy. Sage smudging is traditionally done by lighting the end of a sage bundle and wafting it around the space. […]

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Benefits of Sage Smudge Spray

  The ceremonial use of a small bundle of sacred herbs, or a mix of sacred herbs, to burn for creating a special energetic atmosphere goes far back in time. Its used to clear a person or a place from any possible heavy and unwanted energies and the burning of Sage Bundles(smudging) is practiced in many […]

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Cistus Essential Oil

  Thousands of years ago, shepherds discovered the gum of a certain plant helped heal wounds on their sheep’s skin. This plant was the Cistus plant. Today, cistus essential oil is used alone or with other essential oils for medicinal, cosmetic and spiritual uses. Cistus Essential Oil Healing Properties Cistus essential oil is light amber […]

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White Spruce Essential Oil

Nothing fills the air with the fragrance of Christmas and the coziness of winter like the scent of spruce. This majestic evergreen, with its small brown cones, grows up to 1,200 feet and is cherished for its needles, which when steam distilled release a warm and comforting cologne. The spruce comes in many varieties; but, […]

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Confident little girl

Build Self Confidence in Your Child

  The most important gift a parent can give a child is self confidence. Children, who begin life feeling loved and cherished, grow up to be adults with a positive attitude and an “I can do it” spirit, ready to face life’s challenges. A positive self esteem comes from a balance of feeling capable, while […]

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Boy Wearing Cape

5 Tips to Empower Children Against Bullying

  All children need to feel safe, whether they’re on the playground, at school or in a playgroup and believe it or not, bullying can begin at a very early age. While some may argue that aggressive behavior in preschool and elementary school age children is a normal part of their growth, it is never […]

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Geranium Essential Oil – A Garden of Sensory Delights

Imagine walking through a lovely garden, breathing air bathed in the fragrance of flowers and feeling uplifted and happy. The scents of the flowers but one, in particular, reaches out to you, helping calm your mind and relax your body. Geranium essential oil, this sweet, floral aroma belongs to the geranium plant (Pelargonium odorantissimum), whose […]

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patchouli plant

Patchouli Essential Oil

  If you grew up during the “Woodstock Era,” one whiff of patchouli oil can take you back to a time of “free love,” anti-establishment rhetoric, peasant skirts and love beads. It was a time when the air above concerts wafted in the aroma of patchouli, which masked unwashed bodies and the smell of suspicious […]

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Uses of Peppermint Oil

Just say the word peppermint and the first thing most people think of is Christmas and the red and white stripes on a candy cane. Cherished for its refreshing flavor, what healers, herbalists and cosmeticians have known for centuries is that peppermint offers more than just culinary benefits; the uses of peppermint oil extend into […]

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