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Atlas Cedarwood Oil Benefits – The Essential Oil of Strength and Hope



The mighty Atlas Cedar tree (Cedrus atlantica) is a coniferous tree native to the Atlas Mountains in Algeria. When the wood of this tree is steam distilled, the oil it releases has a warm and woody fragrance that was once revered as holy by the ancient Egyptians. Today, Atlas Cedarwood oil benefits include those for physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Atlas Cedarwood Oil Uses

Believed to stimulate the scalp to support hair growth as well as combat dandruff, many treatments for hair loss contain Atlas Cedarwood oil. Its chemical constituents make it antiseptic, which is beneficial to those with acne or more severe skin conditions such as Seborrhea. Other Atlas Cedarwood oil benefits include:

  • Aiding in fluid retention and balancing body fluids
  • Providing adrenal support to menopausal women
  • Helping relieve the symptoms of bronchitis
  • Pain relief from arthritis
  • Decreasing cellulite

Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil Used In Aromatherapy

The Atlas Cedarwood oil benefits are strongest when the oil is used in the practice of aromatherapy. The word “cedar” is Semitic, meaning, “the power of spiritual strength,” which makes atlas Cedarwood oil an important element in creating a sacred space for meditation. For those feeling tired or overwhelmed, Atlas Cedarwood oil benefits include providing renewed energy as well as creating a hopeful frame of mind. Atlas Cedarwood essential oil has the ability to override negative feelings and offer strength to those in their time of need.

Uses of Atlas Cedarwood Oil in Energy Medicine

In the field of energy medicine, Atlas Cedarwood oil benefits include healing energy fields of those who have suffered traumatic experiences, whether through physical illness or abuse or from emotional states such as severe fright or depression. Energy fields can also be damaged in those who have been exposed to dangerous elements, such as radiation, or through excessive drug use. In these cases, Atlas Cedarwood oil can help repair these energy fields as well as expel negative forms.

The Best Ways to Use Atlas Cedarwood Oil

Atlas Cedarwood oil benefits can be obtained in many ways. This oil mixes well with other tree oils, such as black spruce and pine and can be added to the bath, sprayed or infused into the air, inhaled from a steamer, topically applied in massage oils and used in candles and soaps.

Ja’Mi Products LLC has several products that offer Atlas Cedarwood oil benefits within their ingredients, such as the Soothing Lavender Mist, Sage Smudge Mist, Aura Brite Bath Salts and Peaceful Massage and Body Oil.

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