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Welcome Spring with a Sage Smudge

Welcome Spring with a Sage SmudgeAfter a long, cold winter stuck indoors, the energy in your home is likely feeling a little stale. This residual negative energy can have tangible effects on our well-being, making it hard to work productively and enjoy ourselves in our free time. Fortunately, a sage smudge can effectively clear the negative energy around you and bring you back into harmony with your environment.

Smudging refers to a traditional Native American practice wherein sacred herbs are burned to eliminate the negative energy in a room. Research has shown that the smoke released from these herbs contains ions which can improve your mood and ease anxieties. Sage, an herb renowned for its holistic benefits, is most commonly used in smudging rituals. During a smudge, practitioners work their way slowly around a room, wafting sage smoke into the air and inviting positive energies back into the space.

At Ja’Mi, we’ve developed an essential oil sage smudge mist that affords all the holistic benefits of traditional sage smudging, without the mess of burning herbs. The bottle is small enough to carry with you so you can cleanse the energy of your car or office. You can even smudge your own body to wash away lingering negative energy.

Winters are hard on many people, but that oppressive energy shouldn’t follow you through this beautiful time of year. A sage smudge can offer you a fresh start to the spring season, revitalizing your mood and granting a renewed sense of contentment. Give us a call today for more information, and browse our entire line of essential oil sprays here.



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