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I paint. A lot. Sometimes when I paint I hang my silk paintings on pins to dry on the wall in my hallway. Sometimes when I do this I get excited about adding just a bit more paint on a spot that needs it. So when the silk is taken off the wall I have paint ALL OVER MY WHITE WALLS. Husband coming home what to do, what to do? O.K., I admit I was in a panic. I grabbed  Ja’Mi’s Lemon Sage Multi Surface Cleaner and sprayed it the entire length of the wall. (yes, it was that bad) AND? Bada Bing Bada Boom! Not so much as a trace was left on the wall. None of the paint intended for the wall came off either. It’s a beautiful thing.
Peggy Cole Ashman McEntee

I have tried almost all  Ja’mi products and I absolutely just love them. When I’m done assembling my Healing Gemstone Bracelets I always use her “Sage Smudge Mist” to Cleanse my Gemstones before I sell them to “Clear the Energy”.

Mariposa Jewelry

“I love all of  Ja’Mi’s products. I’ve used everything from the bath fizzies to the lip balm to the creams & scrubs. There’s nothing like the power of essential oils, and Ja’Mi combines them into wonderful fragrances with healing, calming, positive effects and more. Ja’Mi’s products are a wonderful asset to any hot bath tub. Perfect to add positivity to your day through the use of essential oils.”

Las Vegas, NV

“Just wanted to send out a short note in stating that your products are fantastic. I enjoy putting them on after a relaxing bath with my skin still damp, the scents just seem to emulate. I enjoy the sage/smudge mist for relaxing. The spice/mint cream before bed. This helps me breath better and also relaxes me. Also your lip balm’s help me here in the North East, the cold weather is brutal and my lips are chap free!”


“Hi! My name is Mary and I have used the Ja’Mi products since they were conceived in test form. I can tell that they are smooth, creamy, and feel so incredible on your skin and lips, whether using the lotions, the scrubs or the lip balm. They have totally enhanced the condition of my skin, while not leaving a messy, sticky feeling that one gets with some of these types of products. I look forward to anything this line puts on the market.”


I LOVE LOVELOVE the Ja’Mi products. Robin’s Meditation Oil was incredible. I put it on my hands and then when I put one drop on the top of my head, all my spiritual energy focused immediately. How incredible!
I also love her Peace Oil. Just rubbing that into my hands calmed my whole body and even released the beginnings of a stress headache that had been developing at the back of my head.

Susan Morrison

I love Robin’s product! I use the Meditation oil and the Love spray in my Reiki sessions and during my personal mediation sessions, and they seem to open us up even more to the Divine light and knowledge. Additionally, Robin’s Prosperity spray smells so good, I wear it as an all over body fragrance!

Allison Nuckles

I don’t have enough superlatives to use to describe the ecstasy of Robin’s Harmony by Jami line of products! As I write I am completely enveloped in one of her divine scented body oils and am wishing it was edible so I could lick it up like an ice cream cone!
The only thing better than the scent of her products is how they make your skin FEEL! Never have I found a body cream that moisturizes and LASTS throughout the day like Robin’s do. And using the salt scrubs in the shower before applying the body cream — well you just get double the pleasure and double the moisturizing power!
My recommendation? Honestly? Buy it all! I have! :)

Stephanie Rainbow Bell

Robin makes the best products and she does it with so much love; you can feel it! Her products work and I can attest to that– as many of my clients have reported back to me; who have purchased her items. They especially like the Sage spray which is perfect for cleansing, especially if you can’t handle smoke from stick sage.

Now I like all her products, but them I have become a groupie!!! LOL. Try her items, you will be glad you did.

Lisalee, Psychic and Medium

The meditation oil enhanced both my healing energy experience and the Reiki CD got my clients into the Reiki experience much faster”

Renee Penly, Reiki Master, Sedona

“I LOVE the Prosperity spray! I use it several times daily. Not only does it smell wonderful but it seems that everytime I spray it I attract more clients. I highly recommend this spray to everyone”.

Amy Barilla

As both a metaphysical teacher and practitioner I have tried many other products for space clearing and personal cleansing, however none of them compare to Robins sage spray and sage wood salt scrub. I use the salt scrub three to 4 times a week to keep my energetic body clean and clear of unwanted energies. And Use the sage spray every time I clean my house in order to keep the energetic balance in my home. As I do a lot of distance healings and channeling’s in my home keeping it clean and clear is of the utmost importance and nothing works better then robins products. I recommend Robins products to all my students and peers.


Robin is an incredible educator of essential oils, thorough in her understanding and knowledge, and a contributor to the wellness and spiritual community. She is not only skilled and creative, but she also brings the most compassionate heart to everything she does. Her commitment to helping others and her desire for wellness make Robin an expert in her field. Her products are amazing! I am so blessed to know her.

Della Wicklund

The Spray mist collection by Jami is one of our best selling and most effective products! Our customers love the ability to cleanse without having to burn anything, simply put it is a smokeless alternative to burning Sage, Palo Santo or incense. More than that, the spray, being made out of high quality essential oils can be used on yourself too! Most customers recommend them to refresh and reset after a long day, they also use the room mist in their office or work space to cleanse and attract new prosperity, in their home to attract love, and on themselves to get some peace of mind. One of our best sellers is the Tree of Life Kit that has perfect travel size bottles of Sage Spray and Prosperity Spray with a Citrine stone and spiritual keychain. The best part of this product, besides high quality, is its versatility!
You can use this collection anywhere and for anything! We here at The Psychic Eye Book Shops absolutely love and recommend this product!” -Psychic Eye Book Shops inc.

Katie Ramsey / Psychic Eye Manager