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Custom Creations

Ja’Mi Products LLC offers Custom Creations For Jewelry and Aromatherapy Products.

Have you ever wanted your own custom line of products with your branding?
Maybe just 1 piece of jewelry designed for you based on your energy?
I can co-create products with you based on the the energy healing properties, the scent, the color and more.
The possibilities are limitless and the end result is creations with your energy and your vision.
Please contact me to find out more.




Ja’Mi Products LLC has been creating a growing line of custom, private label products for The Reiki Gal, LLC for the past two years. It has been a joy to watch the line of aromatherapy sprays expands to now include one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry.
The product creation relationship flows smoothly from conception to completion.
I highly recommend that any healing arts practitioner who is looking to further business brand contact Jami Products to have a custom creation made just for them!

Amy Barilla, RMT
The Reiki Gal, LLC


I just wanted to take a moment to thank Robin Gil for helping me create my own line of healing oils. Robin’s seamless process made the experience simple, and easy. Robin’s expertise of product options, oils and overall knowledge of the industry was a constant comfort in moving forward.
Thank you Robin.
Debbie Veach


Ja’Mi Products developed a fantastic line of aromatherapy sprays that are a substantial asset to my product line at Scarlet Dragonfly Mystical Spa. The unique blend of essential oils captures the essence of today’s Lightworkers, Healers and Mystics. I am so proud to be carrying the uplifting vibration enhancing sprays that were designed specifically for my company. Robin and her amazing gift of blending aromatherapy have added a personal touch to our signature line that we use in our sessions and we can offer to our clients.

Deborah Scott


I have been wanting to carry Essential Oils with my own brand and the Universe led me directly to Ja’Mi Products LLC. Robin has formulated several oils and sprays specifically for us to carry. Our clients have found great interest in each formula. These formulas have not only increased our sales but we have the reward of knowing our clients are becoming more in touch with their health & wellness by using them. Highly recommend Jami Products LLC & her products!

Brandaleen Johnson
A Well Being, Traverse City, MI


I remember the very first time I met Robin I knew then that she would end up being a force to be reckoned with. How nice to see I was right! When it comes to natural body and spiritual products no one comes close to the creation by Robin Gil from Ja’Mi Products. Not only is she one of the most professional women I have had the pleasure of dealing with but she is also a ton of fun to work with. Robin is always in creative mode, which means she can instinctively create a scent to go with just about any idea you throw at her. Robin has created over 25 private products for my business and each one of them has been a total home run. If creating your own personal line is something you know is your next step then look no further then Robin Gil of Ja’Mi Products for your search is over. I just cannot recommend her enough.

Leeza Robertson
Re-ignite your spotlight – It’s your time to shine!


Robin Gil has created a magical line of Chakra Fairy Sprays for me. Each spray has amazing energy that relates to the Fairies that I channeled. She was wonderful to work with, our sprays were created and done within a week! I already have my own testimonials from my clients, saying how the sprays have helped them through a difficult situation. I definitely recommend her if you are looking to create your own line of sprays. She will create the exact energy you need for your line and it will smell wonderful!!!!

Pamela Chen D.D.
Psychic Doll


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