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The Healing Properties of Gemstones

The Healing Properties of GemstonesCrytals and gemstones have been used for centuries to provide healing and a peaceful state of mind to those who are attuned to their properties. There are many ways that crystals and gemstones can be utilized in your daily life; from purchasing raw uncut stones to wearing gemstones as amazingly beautiful jewelry.

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If you are just becoming interested to gemstones, or if you are an enthusiast or holistic practitioner seeking to expand on your collection, here are a few crystals and gemstones that every gemstone lover should have on their wish lists, accompanied by their healing properties.


Amethyst is purple to lavender in color and one of the most beautiful and treasured stones in the gemstone family. Amethyst is a positive and protective stone, calming the mind and spirit. It also acts as a balancing stone that will calm you when you are in turmoil and rejuvenate you when you need energy.

Rose Quartz

Another popular crystal is the Rose Quartz. Usually pastel pink, the rose quartz is easy to find for gem lovers. This gemstone is known for facilitating a feeling of unconditional love and a peaceful state of mind. Often used to help alleviate insomnia and feelings of overwhelming stress, the Rose Quartz is said to evoke feelings of security similar to being embraced by a loving parent.


This stone comes in many colors depending on the environment. Its most common colors are greens and blues, but you will also find Aventurine in peach hues and browns. Known as the stone of positivity and prosperity, it is said to promote feelings of well-being and qualities of leadership. If open, the wearer can attain feelings of confidence from the Aventurine stone. It can also stabilize the mind and enhance creativity.

Clear Quartz

The Clear Quartz is probably the most commonly known gemstone in the world. This stone is used in many jewelry designs because it can complement just about every other stone or crystal with its simplistic beauty. The Clear Quartz is excellent for unblocking creativity and promoting clarity. It is also perfect for metaphysical healing sessions and practices, and bringing clarity to all spiritual types of work. The Clear Quartz is said to raise the energy levels of the psyche and spirit, bringing scattered minds and ideas together in a peaceful manner.

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