Picture Jasper & Citrine


Picture Jasper is said to be Earth Mother speaking to her children. “Her-story” and lessons are held deep within the stone. It helps one to remember wisdom that was learned in past lives. It instills a sense of proportion, peace, and harmony. It balances energies and aligns everyday life with the spiritual realms. This stone facilitates meditation and stimulates the immune system.

Citrine carries the energy of the sun. It is cleansing, energizing, and highly creative. It absorbs, dissipates and grounds negative energy, helping to forge a positive attitude. Citrine energizes all aspects of life, but is best known for its ability to energize abundance and good fortune. This stone teaches how to manifest

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Picture Jasper, Citrine, Swarvorski Crystals, Elastic cord 7.25 – 8:

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